All Time Favorite go to Hair Product

Everyone always has their favorite go-to product, mine is leave-in conditioning spray. There are several products I love, and they have their own time and place, to serve their purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I love hairspray all day, everyday, and I love me some good soy paste! But I do find, that a good majority of the time, some of the daily issues that clients are having with their hair, can be solved with a simple leave-in conditioning spray. I like to keep things easy and simple, and a leave-in conditioning spray is. Tangles, dryness, heat protection, leave-in conditioners can serve multiple purposes. Whether used alone, or they can always be paired with other desired styling products, take your pic!

Some great ones I love and work with currently in the salon are Big Sexy Hair Soy Leave-In Conditioning Spray, and It’s A 10!