My Favorite Spinach Dip Recipe

Dear Reader- No doubt you all will be attending a number of get togethers this holiday season. And of course, you will want to contribute, but what to bring? I have the answer. This spinach dip is sure to be a hit at any party. You will need the following: 1 cup mayonnaise 1 (16 […]

Book Now For the Holidays

Dear Reader- It’s always a fun time in the salon during the holidays. People tend to be a bit more social and fun-loving in our already very relaxed environment. And you know the Girls Of Do Or Dye love a good holiday! Like the freeway on any given holiday, traffic in the salon during the […]

Thank You For Supporting Our YouTube Channel!

Dear Reader- Thank you for supporting our YouTube channel, asthecurlturns56. Keara and I have been making videos for 2 1/2 years and we just think they are a hoot! Our Halloween video has been up for only two weeks, and it already has more views than any of our other videos! We couldn’t be more […]

We have a YouTube Channel!

Dear Reader- We have a YouTube channel! The name of our channel is asthecurlturns56 We have hair advice, tutorials, tips and tricks on a variety of topics! We are very informative without the formality, because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This episode is about Halloween spray-on temporary hair color. Tune in! Regards, Erin

We Love Halloween!

Dear Reader- The girls of Do Or Dye just love Halloween. We started decorating at the end of September just so we could stretch out the Halloween spirit for a few extra days. The theme is Dia De Los Muertos, and we all brought in our favorite items. We even have an altar honoring the […]

You Can Park In the Back!

Dear Reader- Our parking lot is quite large, and coming from Downtown San Jose, we see it as practically unending. But sometimes our neighbors have events and parking gets impacted. Did you know you can park in the back of the salon? Yep! There is parking in a circle all the way around Carriage Square. […]

Cherry Coke Perfection

Dear Reader- Today we are veering away from the usual hairy topics to discuss something extremely important. Cherry Coke. Not that roughness in the can- homemade. You will find all of us at Do Or Dye greatly enjoy discussing our favorite foods and recipes. Deviled eggs, burritos, La Villa ravioli… Its quite an extensive topic […]

Dogs In the Salon- We Say Yes!

Dear Reader- Most salons have rules about children in the salon, and we are no different. But not all of them have a dog policy-all dogs welcome! All three of us are dog people and dog parentals. Both Keara and Lesley have a dog, and I have two plus a talkative cat. My father was […]

The Three Amigos-An Odyssey

Our stations are where we keep all our junk. Blow dryers, products, scissors etc. As we were picking out furniture we fell in love with this particular station online. But they were heinously expensive. One night, as usual, Keara was surfing Craig’s List. She came across a really pretty kidney-shaped antique desk in Palo Alto. […]

Pictures and Client Consultations

Every stylist has their own preference, but personally I love when clients bring pictures to their appointment or consultation!! Pictures are such a great starting point for a consultation, and the beginning to plan a clients’ desired look that they’d like to achieve. Whether it’s to point out color, texture, or styles they like, or […]