Live and Let Live Beautifully

Dear Reader-

It has been said to me more than once, “It’s not crazy, sorry.” The girls and I are, as one would say, unique looking, to be sure. Tattooed from head to toe, snow cone hair, ridiculous large skirts- I get it. However, we are all on the same page about individual style, no matter what that might look like.

Your haircut is just that- yours. It belongs to your life and your comfort level. It doesn’t need to be wild and crazy to be interesting to us. What it does have to be is good. Good styling, good longevity, and good feeling for you. Now, is bubblegum pink hair interesting to us? Of course. If you have had the same style for twenty years, now that may require an apology for some snoozedom.  Here is what you will apologize for- home hairbleach jobs, drunken hair cutting with Fiskars or hedge trimmers, referring a crazy person.

If it suits you, is cut well, and you love it, it is great. We are easy chicks that way. So please, don’t apologize for your more conservative style. We’re about as open minded as it gets. Live and let live beautifully.

Warmest Regards,