Thank You For Supporting Our YouTube Channel!

Dear Reader-

Thank you for supporting our YouTube channel, asthecurlturns56. Keara and I have been making videos for 2 1/2 years and we just think they are a hoot! Our Halloween video has been up for only two weeks, and it already has more views than any of our other videos! We couldn’t be more proud, so thank you for making our channel part of your YouTube viewing!




Dogs In the Salon- We Say Yes!

Dear Reader-

Most salons have rules about children in the salon, and we are no different. But not all of them have a dog policy-all dogs welcome!

All three of us are dog people and dog parentals. Both Keara and Lesley have a dog, and I have two plus a talkative cat. My father was a dog groomer for 45 years, so having dogs in the salon for myself especially is both nostalgic and fun. In our experience, many dogs in the salon have behaved so much better than most children have. And their owners are very aware of them, and always keep them on a tight leash. Do Or Dye realizes that dogs are as much a part of the family as kids, so if you want your well behaved dog to come to the salon with you for your appointment, we say welcome. Pet hair gets swept up with all the rest of the hair anyway.





The Three Amigos-An Odyssey

Our stations are where we keep all our junk. Blow dryers, products, scissors etc. As we were picking out furniture we fell in love with this particular station online. But they were heinously expensive. One night, as usual, Keara was surfing Craig’s List. She came across a really pretty kidney-shaped antique desk in Palo Alto. Surfing further, probably in the middle of the night because that’s how Keara rolls, she came across the same listing, but in Oakland. She was annoyed that the same listing was posted in two different cities, and was more irritated when she came across a third. She came to realize it was actually three different desks in three different cities, being sold by strangers. She sent us an email with the attachments and we decided it must be Kismet.

Keara drove to Palo Alto alone (against my paranoid advice) to get the first one. It belonged to a grandmother who had recently passed away, and the grandson was up from LA to clear out the house. The next day she and I piled into Hub’s truck and drove to San Francisco to pick up the second, and then crossed the bridge to Oaktown for the third. The man in Oakland had received it from his grandmother in Florida. The two barely fit in the bed of the truck!

Now here they sit, a lot like Keara, Lesley and myself. Cut from the same mold, but slightly different in their own oddly fabulous way. The Three Kidney Amigos.