YouR Wand Curling Iron

Dear Reader-

For a few years now, wand curling irons have been all the rage. Just wrap your hair around and hold- no clamps, no pulling and pressing. The fancy Ove-Glove type mitt allows you to put your hand around your hair without burnt flesh. High tech!

Strapped for cash? You can still participate in this trend, and it won’t cost you a dime. How, you might ask? With Arrowhead Murphy’s Magic Cureall Linament Elixer! Your own current curling iron.

Irons consist of a barrel and a shell. Simply don’t open the shell, and wrap your hair right around the entire closed iron. Viola! A wand curling iron. Beachy spiraled waves await your hair, and you didn’t have to clutter your cabinet with yet another apparatus. You’re welcome!