Cherry Coke Perfection

Dear Reader-

Today we are veering away from the usual hairy topics to discuss something extremely important. Cherry Coke. Not that roughness in the can- homemade. You will find all of us at Do Or Dye greatly enjoy discussing our favorite foods and recipes. Deviled eggs, burritos, La Villa ravioli… Its quite an extensive topic for us.

Hubs and I were at Peggy Sue’s malt shop in Downtown San Jose, and they had the best Cherry Coke I have ever tasted. I swooned over it to the manager and he gave me the secret- maraschino cherry syrup! Forehead slap, of course!!

First in is the ice. Second, spoon in some syrup and a few cherries direct from the jar. Then add the Coke. Finish with a straw. The straw is an important factor in this scenario. It allows you to sip up both juice and soda at the same time. Voila! Cherry Coke at its finest! And for all you retro kids out there, that is indeed a paper straw.

You are welcome.