Here is the part in the website where we brag about our talent and accomplishments and make lots of general yet eloquent statements about our hair philosophy. However…

The real question is: What sets us apart from every other San Jose hair salon?

The answer is simple: We are serious about our craft without taking ourselves too seriously. You are welcomed into our creative space to enjoy the total experience of getting your hair done. We check our egos at the door and care for your hair as a trusted professional. Whether it’s a simple bang trim, complete color overhaul or lengthy extension maintenance {and everything in between}, the time spent with your stylist should enrich your hair, as well as your mind and spirit. We want you to walk out the door feeling confident: confident that you can replicate your style day after day, confident that your hair has retained it’s integrity and confident in your decision in choosing us to care for your hair.

Since we are believers in putting our best foot forward, we do many in-house referrals, depending on what service you are in need of. We also work in collaboration with other salons to help you achieve your hair dream. If we don’t offer your service, we have several industry associates in which we will happily refer you to. Your satisfaction is our top priority, whether it is at Do Or Dye or with any of our recommended professionals so please know that we take great care in networking, resourcing, and guaranteeing the dependability of any referral.

Thirdly, Do Or Dye is strongly affiliated with the Silicon Valley community. We serve in the personal beautification of Silicon Valley residents, but we also want to be involved in matters that affect our clients, families and neighbors. Several of our stylists are directly affiliated with the Rainbow Chamber Of Commerce, as well as having strong ties to Wigs For Kids, the San Jose Family Shelter and many more to come. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. And we have fun. We participate in local events with you, we shop in your businesses, we do your photo shoots, we style your wigs, we shoot videos for you, we support you because you support us.

If you’re new, we hope to have peeked your interest enough to come check us out. If you’re an existing client, thank you for accompanying us along this journey to Do Or Dye and we hope to strengthen our relationship even further by continuing to give you our best.