Keara Simonetti

Ugh! The worst part of the website. I’ll bet money, that based on my picture alone, you have already decided if you want to book an appointment with me or not. So anything I say in this paragraph is just fluff. But while I still have your attention, and to fill in the space, I’ll say that I’m a run-of-the-mill hairstylist. I do haircuts and hair color and I dabble in extensions. I have 8 years under my belt and along my journey, I have learned some really great techniques that help me achieve consistency, movement and unlimited possibilities. But the bottom line is that I want you to feel good walking in but feel even better walking out. I’m here to collaborate and execute your hair dream.

(408) 202 0733
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Lesley Mullins

Cutting, coloring, and extensions are only pieces of the puzzle that is Lesley’s job as a hairstylist. The rest of the pieces that she brings to the table are the skills to listen and work with her clients and achieve not only the individual experience of the clients’ visit, but the end goals of that particular look and feel desired by the client. She takes pride in her craft, and is passionate not only about her work, but being committed to offering excellent customer service. She will work hard to create your desired look, offering you advice and knowledge about the latest trends and what will best compliment your hair, while also offering product knowledge and styling advice. With 10+ years of experience, she is so thankful for all her existing clients, new ones to come, and to be able to do what she loves everyday.

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Erin “Baby Hands” Lopez

Erin is a 1950’s housewife in a hairstylist’s coiffed body. She will happily discuss with you how to make the best spinach dip at any party, while educating you on how to style your hair so you are the best looking person at that party. She will take the time needed to consult with you so you leave with a custom tailored style to fit your individual lifestyle, no matter what that may be. Wash and wear? Great! Blow dry and flat iron? Great! Whatever fits! She explains her professional experience like this- Her ‘bread and butter’ is Cuts and Colors. Her ‘chocolate milkshake’ is Special Occasion Updos. Her ‘champagne’ sigh…… is Vintage Updos and Retro Styling. If the music strikes her you may get a hairbrush karaoke chorus, but you are guaranteed an experience that makes you look in the mirror and say “Put Your Mittens ‘Round Your Kittens and Away We Go!”

(408) 839 6040
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