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There are a few ways that you can schedule with the lovely gals at Do or Dye salon. You can reach out to your stylist directly by phone – mobile lines are listed here. You can call the salon’s main phone line, (408) 202 0733, and the receptionist will help to pair you with the perfect stylist. Or you can use the form below to request a call back. We look forward to seeing you at Do or Dye!




1535 Meridian, Ste. 40

San Jose, CA 95125

Our Policies

We prefer cold, hard cash and we greatly appreciate checks if you are old enough to know what a check is. And yes, we will also on take every form of plastic: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Being a touchy subject among parents and non-parents, we would like to state that a salon such as ours prides ourselves on your experience as a client. If you NEED to bring them, they are welcome. But please be considerate of the shared space and other patrons. Sharp objects, harsh chemicals and expensive equipment are just a few of the hazards in our space so please use discretion where safety is concerned.

Simply stated, time is money. Please be considerate of our time. We understand that things happen beyond our control but we ask that you please give us the same courtesy you would expect in return. If you are more than 15 mins late to you appointment, you will be rescheduled out of respect for the following scheduled appointments. Flat tires, illnesses, and forgetful days happen to the best of us, but if such occurrences happen habitually, there will be late fees attached to your future service for compensation of lost time.