Thank You For Supporting Our YouTube Channel!

Dear Reader-

Thank you for supporting our YouTube channel, asthecurlturns56. Keara and I have been making videos for 2 1/2 years and we just think they are a hoot! Our Halloween video has been up for only two weeks, and it already has more views than any of our other videos! We couldn’t be more proud, so thank you for making our channel part of your YouTube viewing!




We Love Halloween!

Dear Reader-

The girls of Do Or Dye just love Halloween. We started decorating at the end of September just so we could stretch out the Halloween spirit for a few extra days. The theme is Dia De Los Muertos, and we all brought in our favorite items. We even have an altar honoring the returning spirits for Day Of the Dead. We are Walking Dead fans, and love some good gore, one of us more than the rest ( wink wink.)

So what to do for interesting Halloween hair this year? Finding inspiration can be tricky, especially if you are like us and tend to be an, ahem, wonderfully different dressed up kind of person on the daily. Pintrest and the Internet is a great place to start of course, but your best resources are right here, with us. If you’ve been toying with an idea, but aren’t sure about the execution, just ask. Chances are, we can either talk you through it or just do it. Avante garde, crazy medusa, rock in’ 80s, whatever! Share your ideas with us and we can help make them come to life!

Happy Halloween!